Fat Cat as seen in the episode "One Upsman Chip".

Fat Cat is the most well known villian in the series. He is (as his name implies) a cat, his name a pun on "fat cat" politicians. He appears gangster-like cat with a blue and/or purple coat. In the 5 part "To The Rescue " story arc, Fat Cat is the secondary antagonist and was revealed to be the pet of the human gangster and the story arc's primary antagonist, Aldrin Klordane . After "To The Rescue", it can be assummed that Fat Cat became independent after Klordane's incarceration, thus becoming the fully fledged main antagonist.

Some of Fat Cat's schemes have revolved around stealing valuable gems such as pearls or rubies, claiming in part 1 of "To The Rescue" that trinkets like these are what he feels he deserves, because of his refinery and his aristocratic manner and lifestyle. Other schemes and general crimes of his include stealing, property damage, breaking and entering, kidnapping, and running an illegal gambling establishment. Like many villains, Fat Cat has his own group of henchmen. In most cases, the group just consists of a cat named Mepps , a lizard named Wart , and a mole simply named Mole. In other cases, they would be joined by a rat named Snout . These four prove to be unintelligent which aggravates Fat Cat, but are still useful nonetheless.


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